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No one likes to think about what will happen when they pass away, or if they become incapacitated and cannot make their own decisions, but preparing for this possibility is the best gift we can give our families to help alleviate stress and prevent disputes among family members.  At the Law Offices of Lisa Hagenauer, we work closely with you to protect you and your family and make the process easier on them and you. If you would like to take steps to safeguard yourself and your family, contact the Law Offices of Lisa Hagenauer to consult an experienced wills and trusts lawyer.

Estate Planning Basics

Every adult, no matter how little they think they own, should have at least three documents in their estate plan. A will leaves instructions to your heirs. It tells them how to divide your assets, pay your debts, give any anatomical gifts, and appoint a guardian for your children. A general power of attorney for property gives someone else the power to make financial decisions when you are no longer able to make them yourself. A health care power of attorney gives another the power to make healthcare decisions on your behalf and according to your wishes if you become incapacitated.

Advanced Estate Planning

Not everyone's needs are simple. If you own a great deal of property, or are part of a blended family, your estate plan must reflect your requirements. As needed, we work closely with clients to create

  • Testamentary trusts
  • Revocable and irrevocable trusts
  • Special needs trusts
  • Guardianships
  • Living wills

Trusts are useful in many ways. You may establish them while still living. You can specify their use. You can also use them to avoid estate taxes and probate court.

Reviewing Your Estate Plan

Whenever you have a major life change, you must remember to review your estate documents. Important events that may warrant a change in your estate plan or POA (power of attorney).

We review your estate plan with you. We also draft necessary amendments. To learn more about how we can help you, call our office today.

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