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Sometimes, people do not have the capability to act in their own best interests or make decisions for themselves. To protect those who cannot protect themselves, a guardianship is sometimes necessary. At the Law Offices of Lisa Hagenauer, we help families protect minor children and disabled adults. If you believe that a guardianship is necessary to protect your family member, contact the Law Offices of Lisa Hagenauer for a consultation.

Minor Child Guardianship

Many of the guardianships we establish are for minor children. If a child receives an inheritance or personal injury award, guardianship is typically required by institutions before they will disburse funds. We establish the guardianship, typically appointing one or both parents as guardians. We then guide the guardian through the court's accounting process and help the guardian obtain permission to withdraw funds when necessary for the needs of the child on their behalf.

Disabled Adult Guardianship

When an adult loses their mental capacity, they sometimes lose the ability to care for themselves. Depriving a human being of their independence is not an easy choice to make, especially if that adult is a parent. If you believe that your loved one has become mentally incompetent, we can guide you through the guardianship process. If you are unsure whether appointing a guardian is the right step, we can sit down with you and discuss your options.

We can also set up powers of attorney  now for you and your loved ones which will help protect you and your assets while making guardianship proceedings through the court system unnecessary in the future. This saves time, money and further stress and heartache should a loved one lose their capacity to make their own decisions in the future. To discuss your legal options in more detail, contact the Law Offices of Lisa Hagenauer to talk to an experienced guardianship lawyer.

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